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The National Park


The Arenal Volcano National Park presents varied topographic systems such as mountain ranges, passes, mountain channels and depressions that mostly have developed from volcanic ash and at least three types of soils have been identified. Additionally, soils of the low zones, with an abundance of dense thickets and pastures are to be found.

The Arenal Volcano National Park belongs to the Arenal Conservation Area that consists of three life zones: premontane humid forest, premontane rainforest and lower montane rain forest. The combination of these life zones makes the moist and wet evergreen spectacular. In these zones you can find 2,987 species of plants, including at least 20 species of medicinal plants, 884 ornamental ones, 90 species of timber trees, 63 edible species, at least 15 toxic ones, 17 of great importance for the wildlife and more than 100 species classified as undergrowth and grow lands.

The National Park is part of a biologic corridor between the Caribbean and Pacific sectors. The combination of forests and life zones provide the habitat for many different animals, including endangered ones, and make this a very unique place. More than 15 species of amphibians have been identified, including the green and black frog (Atelopus varius) and the glass frog. There are also different species of snakes, as well poisonous, like the Fer-de-lance, as non-poisonous, like the Boa constrictor.

The park is a place where it is still possible to see great curassows, great anteaters, jaguarondis, pacas, tapirs, coatis, sloth, jaguars and deer. Large groups of howler monkeys, kinkajous, margays and pumas are also present. At least 20 species of birds can be found, such as crimson-fronted parakeet, the white-bellied mountain-gem and the black-faced solitaire.



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