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Arenal Volcano Hotel
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Arenal Volcano Inn
Arenal Volcano is one of the main attractions in Costa Rica because its one of the most active volcano in the world. In the Arenal Volcano area are some of the finest  hotels and lodges of Costa Rica. In this region  you will find hotels of all price ranges. This  website includes two- to four-star hotels and  lodges, which will give you a wide choice. We  offer accommodation in La Fortuna from were  you will have easy access to restaurants and  public transportation. We can also arrange     hotels in the Arenal Volcano Area from were   you will have a magnificent view on the Arenal  Volcano. From there, you are close to the  famous Tabacon Hotel Hot Spring Resort and  the Arenal Volcano National Park. If you wish to  stay on the south or east side of La Fortuna,  this site also includes hotels that are located  in the surrounding of the Arenal Volcano Area,  from were you are close to the La Fortuna  Waterfall, one of the most impressive  waterfalls in Costa Rica. Take a look at the  following hotels and lodges; we are sure that  you will find one hotel that will meet your  wishes and needs to complete your Costa Rica trip.

Arenal Volcano Hotels

Arenal Volcano Inn Hotel
Hotel Kioro
Tabacon Resort Hotel
Montana de Fuego Resort & Spa
Lost Iguana Resort
Jungla y Senderos los Lagos
Arenal Paraiso Hotel
Volcano Lodge Hotel
Lavas Tacotal Hotel
Arenal Lodge Hotel
Arenal Springs
Hotel Arenal Manoa
Silencio del Campo
Miradas Arenal
Lomas del Volcan Hotel
Arenal Rossi Hotel
La Pradera Hotel
Arenal Vista Lodge 22

Surrounding Arenal Volcano Area Hotels

Arenal Country Inn Hotel
Las Cabanitas Resort
Cataratas Resort Hotel



Downtown La Fortuna Area Hotels

San Bosco Hotel

Arenal Volcano Hotels Costa Rica


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