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Tabacon Hot Springs - Costa Rica 

By: Silver Ghost

This is a written and pictorial review of my trip to the Arenal Volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs.

This area can be taken on a one day tour or include two or three days to really fully enjoy all it has to offer.

I opted for the one day tour out of San Jose. Tour costs $75. I was picked up at my hotel and taken to other hotels to pick up other guests. The bus was air conditioned and very comfortable. It was one of those big tour buses. I was happy about that. We got picked up at 8 am and made the rounds picking up the other guests. After waiting a while for a couple who were late, we headed on our journey.

Our first stop was for lunch at a small restaurant along the route to Arenal. The lunch was served, we had a choice of chicken or fish and of course rice and beans were served as with every Costa Rican meal.

After lunch we loaded back on the bus and next stopped off in the town of Sarchee. The town where they originally made the famous Oxcarts. We visited a large souvenir shop here and witnessed the hand painting and making of fine Costa Rican artifacts. Again we were on our way, I decided to nap since it looked like rain. We rolled along through many rolling tobacco fields and sugar cane. We finally arrived at Tabacon Hot Springs resort at 3:45 pm.

We were all given keys to lockers to keep our belongings. At the locker rooms we were all issued towels to take along to the Springs. The air was cool and misty. We were in the middle of a rainforest and very close to the Arenal Volcano which was blocked by fog at this time. I headed for the bar in the pool, I was very thirsty.

On the bus, I purchased and reserved a one hour massage at the Spa. ($55) I was off to relax before my visit to the Springs. It was a well needed massage in the quiet serene open air spa, listening to the running water of the nearby hot springs and birds chirping in the Rainforest. Fully relaxed, I headed to the hot springs.

The paths to the hot springs which wound through the rainforest, were beautifully landscaped. I crossed many bridges and spied many people enjoying the relaxing hot water in the springs. The water is naturally heated by the close by active Arenal Volcano. As you ascended from the lower pools to the higher ones, the water got warmer, to 40 degrees Celsius (105 F). It was awesome to meet many different people as I moved from pool to pool and waterfall to the next. The light was disappearing as the jungle seemed to come alive as night was approaching. I followed the lit pathways and found my oasis. A small tiki style bar up in the jungle near yet another pool. Una cerveza por favor!

I checked the time and decided to head back to the locker room to change. It was near dinner time, 6:15 pm. Our whole group had an area reserved. The buffet was awesome, plenty and many varieties to eat. Excellent salad bar with fresh greens and fresh cut fruit. Entrees ranged from chicken, beef, fish or pork with all the sides. There was a pasta cooking station on the side. You choose the ingredients for the sauce. And finally the dessert bar. Una mas cerveza and I was done.

Finally the weather cleared and we had a better view of the Volcano. I spent some time trying to get photos of Arenal. Patience did pay off and I was fortunate to get these few photos here.

We headed back to San Jose at 7:30 pm and I pretty much slept the three and one half hour drive back to civilization. I had more partying to do that evening, but, that is another story! I hoped you enjoyed my article!

Pura Vida, Chris